Steampunk Cathedral

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It was rebuilt from older rennaissance churches or built from scratch as modern non-deity temples. The building materials were always the steel, the glass and the stone (marble was among the most favourite ones). Inside the temple gathers members of the order with famous inventors, technics, engineers to promote their work, exhibits their invetions and so on. The building was often full of various machineries, serving to some purpopse or not. Cathedral have often large boiler for producing the Steam used for powering machines, heating or even production of eletricity. High temperature and moisture of steam production results in very significant damage on the walls and plasters, so the steampunk cathedral were often full of cracks, lichen on the walls, and other wall degradation signs. Some of temples were equiped with intricate clock mechanism, astronomical observatories or even serve as airship ports. Member orders often came to gatherings by zeppelins, ballons or other flying machines


Steam Plant - SP Castle 2
The Kroluk Distillery


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