SteamPunk Burlesque for Mavka

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SteamPunk Burlesque for Mavka is a fantastic new outfit from RPublishing geared toward the Toon Folks as well. Yes… Mavka can go SteamPunk…and in a grand fashion! In the Toon World it’s always up to your imagination and creativity to decide exactly where they will go and what they will be. Let them escape into an adventurous world of steam travel, airships, dirigibles and lovely ladies who like to entertain with this hot new outfit from RPublishing!

Included with Steampunk Burlesque are the boots, hat, sleeves, shorts, and dress. All of which have been carefully crafted and reworked for the perfect fit for Mavka. And Yes! …all the textures you purchase for SteamPunk Burlesque for V4 or Mavka are interchangeable and can be used for both figures.



AS Ivy for V4
VH Noir for V4.2


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    April 18, 2013

    love it..thanks Yellowmoon 🙂

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    April 30, 2013

    Gefällt mir prima, dankeschön

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