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“Steamed Lab” is an exciting Lab Room figure, for your indoor scene needs, fitting many themes (SteamPunk, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, for example). “Steamed Lab” comes loaded with lab props, gorgeous textures, and plenty of space to stage your favorite figures and props. Big enough to accommodate lots of camera angles, “Steamed Lab” even comes with show/hide poses for the ceiling and walls, so that you get even more camera view possibilities.

? Special UV mapping for high detail even in close-up yet easy on computer resources textures size
? Awesome textures, with lots of detail
? MAT poses for Poser, and MAT poses for DAZ|Studio
? Lab figure is poseable, each of the two doors open (slides up), and the whole MidWall slides on the X axis along with its pipes, the shelf and the shelf’s props, using just one dial
? LabBench has 2 leg morphs
? Beaker, ErlFlask, and LabTube have a RaiseFill morph
? THolderTube loads with LabTube, while TubeHolder loads without LabTube. Both tube holder props have a Open morph


Tamara - Temptress of Darkness
Ultra TEK for V4/A4/G4/Elite/PowerGirl


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    July 20, 2013

    Thanks, much appreciated. Looking forward to when you can get the other props!

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