Steam Sword

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Steam Sword was not constructed as a weapon but as a tool. Original identification was Motorized Machete, or John Hartwig´s Motorized Machete. Demand for such tool came from African colonizers, prospectors and colonial troops. At the beginning of 80ies of XIXth century they vere stuck in dense forests and jungle of middle Africa in desperate need for some tools helping them to carve through. Steamwork Company of inventor John Hartwig was than asked for some solution. Hartwig came out with unique tool – steam powered machete which was constructed for prolonged heavy duty use in remote territories. It needed only some wood as fuel and water. Although efficiency of Hartwig´s machete was not as good as expected (it has very complex machinery and gear transmissions which were very vulnerable in harsh environment and demanded periodical tedious maintenance) it was quickly used as highly favourite melee weapon against hostile savage tribes and animals. Shortly it was known not as Motorized Machete but as fearsome steam sword spreading bloody right of colonizers among tribesmen. Even Hartwig´s personal gimmick – “steamspike” – forward aiming steam nozzle which was intended for use aganist insects and other vermins in the bushes made excellent addition to weapon: It can distracts and hurt opponents and even hide weapon wielder in clouds of steam. After some time, steam sword was used not only by independent colonizer and prospector but became regular melee weapon of colonial infantry and cavalry. In heavy infantry as well as in cavalry was trained experienced strong individuals for using steam swords. They were equiped with heavy armor against enemy archers, steam sword as main weapon and revolver for personal protection. Horses were also equiped with partial heavy armor main for protection against accidental steam sword hits.
When the news of new utilization of motorized machete reached Old Continent it evoked waves of protests. John Hartwig was compelled for stopping the production of motorized machetes since it became barbarous and inhuman weapon – all that with use with “holy” power of steam. Certain steam religious leagues even organized series of sabotages in Hartwig´s factories. Despite unremitting social pressure, Hartwig continued producing motorized machetes several more years, until 1893 when production finally stopped. At this time there were already hundreds of brand steam swords and thousands of replicas all over the world.


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