Steam-Punk It Heels V4

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Steampunk Heels for V4

Steam Punk It Heels: the sexiest Steam-punk shoes ever!

2 pairs of sexy heels, both Steam-punk.



? Objects: 4

? Conforming Figures: 4

-1 BabyJane Shoe Left
-1 BabyJane Shoe Right
-1 StPk Heels Left
-1 StPk Heels Right

? 73 Textures including maps

? MAT Poses:

– 8 MAT Poses for the BJShoes
– 8 MAT Poses for the StPk It Heels

? 8 Utility Poses:

-!!V4Feet Default
-!!V4Feet to Heels
-!V4Feet Fit Shoe INJ
-!V4Feet Fit Shoe REM
-!BJ RShoeTighter
-!BJ LShoeTighter
-!Heels LTighter
-!Heels RTighter

? Poser 6+ materials

? Templates


Dynamic Morph List:

? BabyJane Shoes L+R

Back In-Out
BackHeel Adjust
LeftFront Adjust
RightFront Adjust
RightSide Adjust In
LeftSide Adjust In
LeftBack Adjust
RightBack Adjust
Front Adjust
Front R Side-Side
Front L Side-Side
Front Down-Up
Front Up-Down2
Ankle Strap Rotate

? StPk Heels L+R

Back Adjust
Left Side Adjust In-Out
Right Side Adjust In-Out
LeftBack Adjust
RightBack Adjust
Back Heel Adjust
RightFront Side-Side
LeftFront Side-Side
Front Adjust
Front Adjust2

– Required Files: DAZ V4 & V4++ morphs for the Feet for Shoe morph Inj

Please see Read Me file before purchase.

?This pack has not been tested in DS.?

Rendered in Poser Pro 2010

No touch-ups.


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