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Taking Shades of to a whole new level! SSShades of Oxygen is a set of Sub Surface Scattering Shaders built around Syyd Raven?s Oxygen Texture Set. These shaders push the texture into a world of different options. Syyd?s ultra realism combined with new looks means you can take a deeper breath of sweet Oxygen.
The Highest Technology Shaders on the Market for Skin.
Blends Baggin?s Bill?s, Snarly Gribbly?s, and my own Tech for the first SSS Shades Of
Superior Effects with every attention paid to the details.
Set up from an Artistic AND Technical standpoint.
Good for Close ups and Far-Aways
All Renders done in IDL Studio by Colm Jackson.


Special Thanks: Many thanks to Snarly Gribbly and Baggins Bill ? whose SSS technology is the basis of this package.
Product Includes:
Included in the package are 18 Different Material Collections The materials all have different looks and uses:

Beach Tan Lines ? A Tanned, Pinkish, Oily Skin with Tan Lines Added by a masking map.

Beach ? Similar to above, but has more sheen to it, and no tan lines.

Blue Girl ? Deep Dark Bluish Skin with Red Lips and Nails.

Brown ? A Medium to Dark Skin tone

Coffee ? Lighter then Brown Above, Darker then Latte

Corpse ? A mottled, sickly looking skin perfect for the dead or the living dead.

Dark ? Darkest of the skin tones, also has spots and age marks added in.

Fae Dust (Light and Regular) ? A Light and a Normal toned version of skin that sparkles!

Freckles (Heavy, Medium, Light) ? Three variants on the Freckles theme. Adds different levels of Freckles to Oyxgen?s Skin

Green Girl ? Like Blue Girl, but Green Tones

Latte ? A Slightly darkened Skin tone set.

Milky ? A very pale skin tone with nearly an alabaster quality.

Noir (Pale and Grunge) ? Darker, Grittier Shaders.

Pale (Normal and Tattoo) ? Paler, but not as pale as Milky. Also includes a bonus version with a back tattoo of some goth wings.

Required: Link to post:
OXYGEN: For Poser and DS


CowGirl Outfit for V4
Echo for V4

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