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A Super-Conforming, fantasy outfit for Victoria-4 and all her sisters, loaded with jewels, flowing cloths, fragile chains and detailed delicate leaves.
Let Victoria be anything you wish her to be!
A fairy, a nymph, a nyriad, any fantasy creature or just a seductive dancer!

But this is not all.. this outfit includes MAT variations for seven different sprites to make your choice from: Water Sprite, Fire Sprite, Moonlight Sprite, Forest Sprite, Rose Sprite, Winter Sprite and Autumn Sprite.
Best news.. although all shaders are sparkling, shimmering, eye-candy ones.. that don’t take ages to render!

Panty and Bra are loaded with cloths – each one possible to pose on its very own with the provided moprhs at BODY part of each figure.
Also available, fine-tuning with secret “handle” body parts for each cloth separately!
This way you may also bend, twist or set side-to-side each single cloth further, to match your pose perfectly!
No visible handles in your way to mix you up while posing!

The horned Crown is super-conforming but carefully created to settle on V4’s forehead so any hairstyle is possible to be used!

So what are you waiting for? Check it out!
You won’t regret it!


P3D Britney

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