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She stood facing the back wall of the cell as the men stepped away, closing the door whose automatic locks could be heard clanging through the hall. Still, the rest of the patients were silent, watching. Nathan knew, from years of experience, that this was utterly bizarre. These people all lived inside their own heads, their own demons haunting them, torturing them day and night, and the sounds of their psychotic screams and laughter was a constant here. At the moment, however, all was quiet and he longed for the sounds of their insanity.

Then, just as he and Martin started away from her cell, from behind the door of number five came a loud crack, like the breaking of tree limbs, followed by a piercing scream and the sound of tearing cloth. The smell of blood burst from from the room as the two men stood wide eyed at what was happening. As Martin approached the window, Nathan whispered, ?Don’t! Trust me, whatever that is you don’t want to…?

His words were too late. Martin stood stock still at the window, his eyes wide from the horror as he saw the girls chest burst forth, sternum and ribs cracking, flesh heaving then tearing, the front of the straight jacked shredding away at the gnashing of razor like teeth, then falling to the ground as the thing burst forth. Her body tossed from side to side, front to back as the thing emerged from her, an elongated neck that seemed to be attached somehow to her insides, with a face that was little more than a mouth of gnarled teeth and hateful eyes.

Martin turned to Nathan with not a word, only a wide eyed look of disbelief and started quickly down the hall toward the elevator. For a moment, Nathan thought about looking through that tiny window, thought about what the hell could have shaken the man so. Sure, he was a rookie. Sure, he’d never been down to level C, but this had been a piece of cake errand and the quietest he’d ever seen the patients here. Maybe just a quick look?

He joined Martin at the elevator, thankful for having the good sense not to look. The doors opened and the two ascended back to the main floor.

As they exited the elevator, Martin, removed the lanyard from his neck that held his key card to the facility and proceeded toward the main doors.

?Where you going? It’s four hours till our shift is over, man.?

?No. Your shift. I’m out.?

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    March 17, 2013

    wow thanks, I was looking for these again seeing how I lost them, can we upload the whole series? Thanks.

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    March 17, 2013

    oops sorry, I believe this is a reup because I think I got this here before but other then this one the others are not in the catalog. But I don’t think I am doing the search right.

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