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Meet Sophie, a little girl character for DAZ’s Victoria 4!

Sophie is about 7 years old. Because she loves to be outdoors, she comes with 3 different skin MAT shader sets: a -Summer- texture with a fairly dark tan and realistic tan lines, a -Winter- texture that is pale with bright, rosy highlights, and a standard one that is just right for a young child. She also comes with 2 slightly different MOR poses: A basic one as shown in the pictures, and another that is a bit more slender.

Sophie comes with her own outfit, the simple -Sophie Dress- which can be a dress, a dance leotard, a skirt, or a one- or two-piece swimsuit. It fits both Sophie and Amanda V4.

Sophie and Amanda can also wear -My Favorite Sweater for V4- and -My Favorite Dress for V4-! Dynamic clothing for Laura or Maddie can be made to fit her as well, with very little work.

Sophie age 7 body and face morphs, including regular and slender body shapes
3 distinctive MAT sets with advanced shaders, and 3 complete skin textures!
4 vivid, realistic eye colors
-Sophie Dress-, conforming with posable and dynamic hybrid skirt, that fits Sophie and Amanda V4




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