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Parrots of the World adds 15 new unique parrots to the Songbird ReMix library.

Using the powerful morphs from the Songbird ReMix model, texture maps and versatile conforming crests and tails, the represented birds are portrayed more accurately and with a stronger degree of realism. These fifteen parrots span the globe covering all five continents the parrots are endemic to. The species range from the very popular African Grey and Yellow Amazon Parrots to the endangered Thick-billed and the elusive and probably extinct Night Parrots. Whether you’re creating household environments, lush jungle scenes or buccaneer tales, Parrots of the World is the perfect addition to any rendered imagery.


This file has been sent by the user Desert Rat (US), thank him for it.

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    May 13, 2013

    cool…thank you DesertRat n Agata

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