Songbird ReMix: Hummingbirds of South America

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?Hummingbirds of the Americas? adds the smallest of songbirds to the Songbird ReMix series. While endemic to the Americas, they have been adopted worldwide as one of the most popular and beloved songbirds. Hummingbirds have been a staple in both ancient and modern cultures as a sign of vigor, energy, and skill. This collection focuses on hummingbirds found throughout South America, from the feeders of the Rio de Janeiro suburbs to the tops of the Andes. Included is the Sword-billed hummingbird, whose bill is actually longer than the rest of its body and the Bearded Helmetcrest which has one of the smallest bills of the hummingbird family. There are also a few rare and endangered species such as the Juan Fern?ndez Firecrown (endemic to Robinson Crusoe?s island) and the Peruvian Marvelous Spatuletail with its tennis racket looking tail feathers. Whether you choose to create art with a message or you are simply looking for realistic and attractive birds for your imagery, this package will easily fulfill those needs.




This product is no longer available through DAZ Studio store.

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