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One size doesn’t fit all where smiles are concerned. There are thousands of possible Genesis shapes, so a handful of smile poses cannot be expected to perfectly suit them all. Smile! is a comprehensive morph and pose combo pack, that works in conjunction with existing expressions and pose controls. it consists of three elements;

1) The back bone of the product is a collection of 33 new pose sliders enabling you to fine tune mouth and lip expressions. These provide you with greater control of the mouth while posing expressions, allowing you fine tune any existing smile (and other mouth expressions) into something more personalized. They also will assist in fixing anomalies such as ‘rat face’, where the upper lip collapses below the nose in an undesirable fashion.

2) In addition, the pack includes 10 new teeth morphs, that quickly allow you dial in some more character; their main focus is on ‘snaggle teeth’ and ‘buck teeth’.

3) Finally, the pack includes 82 Smile and laugh Pose presets to get you started. Tthe bulk of these are tailored to the following Genesis shapes: Victoria 5, Michael 5, Stephanie 5, David 5, Freak 5, Aiko 5, Justin, Julie, Stephanie 4, Victoria 4 and Michael 4.



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    June 19, 2013

    well this didnt fix my teeth issue so i’ve searched for a fix and its posted now.

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