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Every person alive — young or old, bug or small — has a special smile. Sometimes it is subtle, a simple quirk to the side of the mouth that vanishes just as soon as you’ve seen it. Other times it shows itself in an exuberant, toothy grin that lights up the whole room like a ray of sunshine. Each one is unique, tailored to the personality of the person wearing it and the situation that called for it. This is where we come in, helping you to find the perfect smiles to fit your wonderful ladies.

The basic smiles and expressions that come with Victoria 4.2 and her Morphs++ product have their own flair, but they don’t necessarily fit every situation. Victoria 4.2++ has such potential, too, dozens of different dials that allow you to change the shape of her mouth in a wide variety of ways. So, using the very same morphs that come with the “Victoria 4.2 Morphs++” product available from DAZ3D, we’ve put this package of ready-made expressions together to help you find the hidden smile in each of your characters. There are no morphs to inject, nothing that will take up any more of your computer’s precious memory! Victoria 4.2 can now be hesitant, seductive, charming, rueful, amused, and just plain happily surprised with the single click of a mouse! It’s completely up to you how you wish to use these smiles.

There are some things to keep in mind when using the smiles in this package. They will be loaded in place of any lip or mouth morph information you may have loaded on your character. If you want the option to return to your original lip/mouth morphs, before you load one of these smiles make sure you: select your figure -> Go to the Edit Menu -> Select Memorize: Figure. Then, after you have tried out the different smiles, you can simply go back to the same menu and select “Restore” Figure” if you decide that you want to go back to the old lip/mouth morph settings. It’s that simple!



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