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In the late 90’s, a boom in robotics and computer development led to an increasingly technological society, and by the turn of the 21st century, many nations had begun full research into functional robotics and A.I. technologies. By 2010 the Japanese, leaders of robotics technology development, had well-established programs for research and had unveiled ever increasingly versatile and functional machines. Military interest in robotics also grew in the 21st century, and by 2035 gains had been made on the use of both robotics and remote vehicles. This lead to the first use of “mecha” (short for Mechanized Troopers) in Military operations, deployed initially by the JSDF (Japanese Self-Defense Forces) “mecha” gained interest world-wide, eventually leading to the formation of specialized “Mecha-Trooper” units in almost every country that could afford them.

By 2065, Mecha-Troopers had become a standard part of mixed Armored Cav units. Powered by Fuel-cells (much like those used in electric and hybrid cars), electronic/hydraulic servo-motors and hydraulic rams, the “Mecha-Trooper” is slightly slower than most regular armored vehicles… but much more versatile. With a much longer range than most Tanks or AFV’s and with heavier armor and firepower than an IFV (Infantry Fighting Vehicle) they work incredibly well to fill the gap between the two. Adaptable and with a modular design, the older variants (though smaller) can be outfitted for a variety of roles. The latest versions even being manufactured with “hand” style manipulators allowing them to carry weapons rather than having them in-built, giving an even greater multi-role capability on the battlefield.

The Slayer is the very latest of the “Mecha-Troopers” to roll out of production. Weighing in at just over 58 tons, the Slayer carries almost as much armor as some Main Battle-Tanks, and has as much firepower as a platoon of modern Bradley IFV’s! Though not able to stand up to modern tanks like the M1A1 Abrams or T-90 MBT, the Slayer can hold it’s own in the field against much heavier opponents. With hand-held weapons such as the 40mm SMG and the 90mm Rifle, plus a wide range of missiles and rockets, this “Mech” can easily and quickly adapt to any change of battlefield environment, and is quite capable of fighting just as readily in urban or rural conflicts much like the infantry units it usually supports…


STK-R1 Striker Mecha-Trooper
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