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Skyreach Pro Clouds is a Sky Generator created to give you more control than ever before.

Skyreach has gone Pro with Super Hires Textures and more customisation options then ever before.

Designed to create Hires Backgrounds inside of Daz that render fast. The Props include a Background Dome and 3 different size Cloud Domes that can Onion Skin to create amazingly detailed and atmospheric Skies.

You can use one of the 6 Preset skies or setup your own from the Sky building block Props and Materials. You can further edit all of the materials using the Surface tab to creae your own unique Sky.

You can pick the Sky colour from over 20 preset Sky backgrounds included or modify/create your own using the surface tab.

Load a cloud dome and add a Hires Cloud Texture map there are 7 to choose from all a massive 8192×8192 pixel resolution.

Smart Materials allow you to Non-destructively change the appearance of a material after you have added the main Cloud Texture map.
For Example select your cloud domes surface, then add the cloud texture map you like then use the + Color add materials to apply the colour on top of any map with out changing the Clouds texture.

You can Onion Skin your Cloud domes, setup are 3 different Cloud Dome props which create 3 layers of Clouds. In Combination with the Frequency setting you can create amazingly detailed Skies quickly and easily.

Mechanical Materials allow you to change how a surface settings work without altering your prior settings. Included are Add Light Glare and a number of Frequency setting which edit the tiling/size of the cloud textures to move the clouds further into the distance.

Fully compatible with Uber light settings!





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