Skylys bundle (V4+Gen2)

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Back to basics, but always with style and versatility in mind!

Skylys is a comfy, everyday set for all your characters.
The shape and style is simple, essential, yet has it’s own flavour and peculiarities to make it an everyday unique set!
The intricate jewels add some preciousness and elegance, while the rich and different styles make it very versatile and handy to have in your wardrobe. Add to these the numerous and varied skirt movements and the unbutton morphs and you’ve got a staple for your contemporary, fantasy and sci-fi characters.

This set is a bundle that includes bot the Victoria 4 (Poser and DAZ Studio compatible and the Genesis 2 (DAZ Studio only versions.

NEW FEATURES: includes Normal Maps (for those tools/render engines that do not support displacement) and half-size textures. Half-size textures are available as a separate download, you can either put them in the main Skylys folder (they will overwrite the original textures. Or keep them in a subfolder wherever you prefer.

– Brand new, unique and original Aeon Soul concept: simplicity with style!

– High quality and high resolution textures that breath life into the mesh and guarantee professional-looking rendering results.

– Poser 8+ advanced materials (MATs include the SSS node). Included are diffuse, bump and specular maps for professional and optimal results in any 3d/rendering tool.

– Normal maps to be used with any tool/render engine that does not support displacement maps (when possible, we suggest preferring displacement maps)

– DAZ Studio materials presets.

– V4 morphs to help with fitting to custom characters (see below for a complete list). To add more morphs check out the magnets fitting sets available at DAZ or the Morphing Clothes tool by Dimension 3D.

– Helper morphs to help with fittings, to solve poke-throughs etc.

– Hide morphs to customize some of the pieces even further.

– Tens of movement and style morphs to add dynamism to your character and scene.

– Read me with tips and help to get the most from your purchase!

Product Includes:
– Skylys Dress for Victoria 4
– Skylys Dress for Genesis 2
– Skylys Shinwear (L&R)
– Skylys Sandals (L&R)

– the Lady
– Sci-fi Army
– the Healer


La Sera Dynamic Dress for V4 and Dawn
Heroine Fantasy Poses & Weapons for Genesis 2 Female

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