Skylon Racers (for Poser and Vue)

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Skylon racing is a highly illegal sport, so the pack includes 2 illegal racers and a police flyer.
Each model comes with high-medium resolution textures and an M3 pose for each machine, which will work with other Mil figures with a little tweaking.

The three racers featured are:
Skylon 1: A home built flyer made from recycled parts, and comes with anti-gravity lifters (usually stolen from taxis) and eco-nuke engine. These flyers are considered the most dangerous types of racers and even possession of such a machine will result in a hefty fine and a smacked botty.
Skylon 2: This version represents the most common form of police bike, the Cop-A-Tron 5000 from MegaCorp.
With a top speed of 350 MPH, this machine comes with engine jamming equipment, twin blastermatic [TM] lasers and a really loud siren.
Skylon 3: An ex-military machine, the Penetrator Mk 7, made by Molek industries.
This is the favoured machine for racing as it is affordable and can outrun most forms of law enforcement. However this power comes at a price, this racer is notorious for it’s lack of safety features such as seat belts.


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