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Introducing SkinTime Plus! Impossibly sexy and dangerous, SkinTime+ Voluptua is the first standalone package in this new series- works with all SkinTime content!

Every SkinTime+ character will function right out of the box, but SkinTime+ packs will also be backward compatiple with textures and MATs from ALL SkinTime Emerie products! This means your SkinTime+ MATs can be mixed and matched with MATs from ANY of the following packages:

SkinTime Emerie
SkinTime 2.0
Sexy Circuits
Sexy Circuits XPack
Sexy Circuits XPack 2
SkinTime Exotica
SkinTime Light Witch
SkinTime XPack 1
SkinTime Xpack 2
SkinTime Xpack 3
SkinTime Xpack 4
SkinTime Xpack 5
Emerie’s Vanity
SkinTime Santastic
SkinTime Valentide

In addition to some sexy new outfit MATs, SkinTime+ Voluptua comes with some bold new character morphs to transform V4 into the incredibly buxom vixen known only as Voluptua!



The TimeKeeper for Hattie Madder
Hattie Madder

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