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Tired of texture sets that make for gorgeous headshots but lack sharpness in other places? Introducing SkinTime! Emerie is the cornerstone of this?high-res character line; featuring detail oriented textures that render flawlessly up close and personal, with no areas overlooked. SkinTime is?razor sharpness head to toe and loaded with options!

Emerie’s Character Pack includes:

Emerie Body, and Emerie Head Add/Remove poses
Full Body MAT, broken into options for Natural nails, lips, and makeup.
7 Eye Shadow MU MATs
2 Full Fantasy MUs
6 Highly Detailed Eye maps
12 Different Lip colors
6 Different nail polishes
Full Second Skin MAT for Emerie’s sexy fantasy leotard

NOTE: SkinTime Emerie is the base package in a series featuring this character. Each followup expansion pack will feature a generous assortment of?Second Skin outfits and new fantasy makeup options, building on the SkinTime library!


SkinTime: XPansion 3
V4 Victorian Outfit


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    Mac Daddy

    March 14, 2013

    Its’a ver’a NIC’a! 🙂

    Thanks Joe!

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    March 15, 2013

    wauuu,wonderful upload thx much

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