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In a world where living means fighting you need to have a thick skin to survive.
And your skin will show the battles and fighting you’ve endured, survived and won!

Sisterhood skin is focused on showing the ugly and painful side of battle. The skin comes in?8 variants.
There’s?dirt, there’s?cuts and bruises?and there’s an?original tattoo?that will fit fantasy, modern and futuristic settings alike.
You can have it all together or just us any of the other options. See in the Features for detailed description!

Sisterhood Skin is a V4 skin and is compatible with any V4 character. You will see, in the promo, that we used a variety of characters and morphs, however, note that NO CHARACTER is included in the package.

The skin we used as our base is a completely original skin of AlfaseeD, created without the use of any texture resources and includes all necessary maps to achieve the best outcomes in all rendering engines.

Moreover the package includes .psd files of the cuts and bruises (for Photoshop CS4+) so that you can add these details to any of your favourite textures and you can also use the provided masks to “customize” the level of cuts you want (a graphic tutorial is included).

So, no more “clean” heroes and fighters, life can be a dirt work and it should show!

Troll Rogue


  1. Kristine

    February 8, 2014

    just waisted 5 points for nonexisting link 🙁

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