Sister No Mercy

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Their eyes… Once so full of fear –
Of the life they once had…
Now so dead,it will all soon enough become oh so clear…
A Macabre Nurse conforming outfit for V4 complete with a full texture for V4

*This outfit has been designed for V4 Base but has Many of the Favourite V4 Morphs ++ as well as many Partial Body Morphs (YOU WILL NEED TO OWN V4’S Morphs ++ to apply any of the morphs to V4)

The Nurse Dress contains 8 Full Body Morphs with 25 Partial Body Morphs,4 adjustment poses and 3 style morphs
The Dress contains Body Handles for movement which come with accompanying Handles On and Off poses
The Boots contain 7 Full Body Morphs
The Hat contains 3 adjustment movement Morphs
The HeadWrap contains 4 Full Body Morphs

V4 Has 1 complete texture option, with 2 Chest options (Plain and Bloody)
3 Eye options (All Black, Black iris and Pale iris- all with inverted crosses)




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