Siraene X1

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“In the distant future sensuality and biocybernetic power are combined and clothed in flesh: the Agents are human and yet more than human- graceful, desirable, and single minded, they will stop at nothing to see their mission to completion.

Siraene X1 is a legend- a beautiful Agent in her prime, capable of sheathing her body in nanotech skin-suits with a simple mental command, she is prepared for every contingency, be it a simple cocktail escort, bodyguard duty, or the assassination of a high value target. Siraene X1 is the crowning glory of Sci-Tek Corporation; she is a peerless engine of corporate will- one moment soft as flowing water, and the next hard as diamond edged steel…”

Siraene X1 is a complete character package for V4+ She comes with full body and face INJs, full body textures with 5 makeup options, 2 fingernail options, 3 different eyes, and 4 different second skin MATs. SS3 and SS4 can also be used as gloves and boots by replacing the torso with another choice after applying the mats. All textures are 4000 x 4000.


Reptilliad for M4
OSKA for Kids4

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