Sir Worthington

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Inspired by Medieval and Renaissance artwork, this outfit will be useful for many occasions. It is perfect for all your historical, fantasy and romantic scenes.

The vest has selectable parts at the bottom so you can manually adjust the hem to the leg pose if you’re not satisfied with the automatic fit. This makes it possible to use the outfit even with crouching and running poses that are problematic with many clothes.

Morph dials allow you to choose different styles, and there are two variants for each vest texture (with and without shoulder pads).

The set comes with presets to adjust the UVs to the wider morphs so you don’t get distortion with patterned textures. The same texture will fit all shapes, just apply the UV preset that matches your style morph!

The Sir Worthington outfit supports all Genesis 2 Male Full Body Morphs (except the Heavy morph). These morphs have been carefully adjusted to produce pleasing results both in DAZ Studio and in Poser. All other morphs can be created automatically by the software.


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