Sin & Sanctuary

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The gilded arbors of heaven, the endless pits of hell… the wonder and terror of eternity has fascinated humankind for centuries; and for the soul of this young beauty the struggle between light and dark has just begun.

Sin & Sanctuary mixes the themes of violence, romance, surrender, and redemption into one huge package of comprehensive poses for Victoria and Michael. This enormous set features 165 poses and 80 cameras. The poses are broken down as follows: 40 couples poses featuring V4 rescued or protected by a masculine arcangel, 40 couples poses with V4 being guarded and accompanied by a feminine arcangel, 40 couples poses for V4 under the power of a brutal demon lord, 40 poses for V4 in the clutches of a nefarious demoness, and 5 solo poses- one for each of these characters. The cameras sync up with the poses beautifully, as depicted in the ad renders above (there are many poses not shown).

In addition you will notice the “Demon Fire” and “Angel Light” postwork in the ad renders is included, as two separate one-click photoshop actions that can be applied to any layer or background.


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