Simply Beautiful – Cube Jewelry for V4

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Simply Beautiful Cube Jewelry

This is a set of jewelry inspired from cubic shapes including Necklace in three sizes, Bracelet and Three sets of Earrings. The Necklaces and Braclet are conforming .cr2 files with morphs for V4++ G4 and A4

The set also include materials to hide parts of the jewelry, for more variations!

– Necklace (small) .cr2
– Necklace (medium) .cr2
– Necklace (large) .cr2
– Bracelett .cr2

– SmartProp EarRing1 Left
– SmartProp EarRing1 Right
– SmartProp EarRing2 Left
– SmartProp EarRing2 Right
– SmartProp EarRing3 Left
– SmartProp EarRing3 Right


PC's Jewelry 2 V4, A4, G4, GND
Kiki-Outfit Magie

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