Simple Veins HD

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These are suitable for an ordinary athletic man, and as such can be mixed and combined with more intense sets already available in texture or displacement form. Because they are HD morphs, they are “UV neutral” and will work with any texture set on any UV.

This set contains the following HD vein morphs for Genesis 2 Male and the Genesis 2 Male Genitalia:
Arm Veins
Facial Veins
Foot Veins
Hand Veins
Leg Veins
Neck Veins
Torso Veins
Genesis 2 Male Genitalia:
Gen Veins 01
Gen Veins 02
Gen Veins 03
Shape presets are included to turn the body vein morphs on and off individually (.DUF)
Genitalia morphs should be dialed from the Shaping or Parameters panes

Frosty Boots for Genesis 2 Female(s)

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