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The Sickle Sleeveless Hoodie is a superconforming clothing piece with a HUGE number of extra morphs. It can blow in the wind, be pulled up and about, have the hood up or down. It can have a gathered waist or lower hem or be tucked into SickleYield pants products for different styles and looks. There’s a morph to fit the hoodie over top of other garments, so you can layer it with DAZ Courageous, the DAZ Bodysuit, or your other favorite V4 products. Every FBM for V4 (and we mean EVERY FBM, including the heavier morphs), Stephanie 4 and Aiko 4 is custom, sculpted in Blender and loaded with ColorCurvature’s PoseMorphLoader.

And with the included materials and textures, your hoodie can be full length or a crop top as well.

Here you’ll find materials in both DAZ Studio 3.xx .dsa and Poser 5+ .pz2 for these looks:

Cotton: Black, white, gray, red, green, blue (plus crop and trans options)
Chainmail: black, gold, steel, rusty iron (plus crop and trans options)
Leather: Brown, black (plus crop and trans options)
Mesh: Black, gold, white (plus crop and trans options)

There’s even an extra morph for better verisimilitude when using the crop textures. All textures have custom bump and trans maps, and all are made from scans of real clothing plus custom digital paintings (for the chainmail).


Dark Ammo
Casey for V4


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