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Crossing the plains with a travois or fighting demons in an ancient temple, Michael and Hiro are ready in this flexible superconforming loincloth!

The Sickle Loincloth has 16752 polygons for the best deformation and morph fluidity with the minimum of render lag. With tons of extra morphs (see vendor editorial tab for list) it can swing to front, back and sides, and front and back sections can be moved separately. There are style morphs to lengthen or shorten it, and even a morph for a more lumpy/ragged “rabbit hide” look to the flaps. No longer need your characters remain standing rigidly upright while wearing a cloth item! Not only that, but there are two extra pose bones for the lower part of the flaps, Front1 and Back1 (accessible from the bone list).

There are three texture sets with a bump and disp map. The leather, cloth, and fur options are all offered as Poser 5+ .pz2 and DAZ Studio 3.x+ .dsa mats, all made in their respective programs (the disp option on the fur DOES work properly in both!).

Suitable for historical OR fantasy scenes, you’ll find this loincloth fits your render needs!

Also shown in renders, not included:

Propschick Shaina Hair
Subgraphick/Natalie Takashi M4
VaganbondAllen Caught In The Moment M4 and V4 (poses)
DAZ Michael 4 and Morphs++


Masha V4/A4
FR Annis


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