Sickle Classics Genesis: Everyday Underwear

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You have underwear for your Genesis ladies, now here’s some for the gentlemen!

This set comprises SickleYield’s converted Everyday Underwear, originally for M4H4, now updated to Genesis in DAZ Studio 4. The set contains four conforming pieces:

-Boxer briefs
-Slips (or “tangas”)

All of the original textures and mats are included in .dsa format with slight changes for best results in the updated program. UVs are conserved from the original, so you can still use the Colors and Silks texture expansion by SickleYield.

Every piece in the set comes with these EXTRA custom morphs (with the exception of the thong, which has no Open Front because it doesn’t have the pocket design), PLUS custom joint-controlled morphs for better movement:

Bulge 01
Bulge 02
Bulge 03
Crotch Down
Down Back
Down Front
Down Left Back
Down Left Front
Down Right Back
Down Right Front
Drop 02
Open Front
Out Back
Out Front
Out Left Side
Out Right Side
Prop 01
Prop 02

Not only that, but every piece also has custom FBMs for best fit to the DAZ men currently available for Genesis: Michael 4, David 3, Hiro 4, Basic Male, and the Freak. There are custom FBMs for the Universals from Evolution, like Fitness and Bodybuilder, AND for Creature Creator as well! And thanks to DS4’s smoothing and collision, your custom mixit characters can wear these underwear in comfort and with a good fit.

In the bedroom, the bathroom or the locker room, the men of Genesis now have their comfortable everyday underwear!


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