ShimmerWind Lake

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One of QuadSpinner’s latest innovations is ShimmerWind, an advanced technique that enables you to create lifelike water like never before. To get a feel, we invite you to dive in to ShimmerWind Lake, a scene that spotlights a lighter version of this unique water material.
This tranquil coniferous scene features:
QuadSpinner’s ShimmerWind MetaNode powered material*
Realistic highlights on water, even when the sun is not directly visible or reflected in the water
Sub-polygon anisotropy: get highlights with small glints without being limited by the geometry of the water
The ability to animate with wind direction – to capture gusts and currents in your image
Greater flexibility and control over your water surfaces
Access to underlying fractals via our convenient MetaNodes
Signature QuadSpinner atmosphere
Complete custom-designed scene
Technology based on hundreds of hours of experimentation


QuadSpinner's Sunbeams
Mystical Mesas - Ute

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