Sheer and Sexy Bundle for V3

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The Sheer and Sexy Bundle is a trendy collection for Victoria 3 that comes with a lovley halter top, pants, belt, sandals, and a gorgeous new hair style. All of the items included are conforming, have numerous morphs for extra versatility and come with a number of textures, helping you to achieve just the look you want. Soft and sophisticated, subtle elegance for any setting, the Sheer and Sexy bundle is in a class of its own.


  • Sheer and Sexy Outfit
    • 3 Conforming Figures
      • Belt
      • Shirt with Easypose and morphing ties
      • Pants
    • 3 sets of textures:
      • Gauzy Blue
      • Crepe Black
      • Sleek Silver
      • MAT files for P4, PP/D|S, and P5/6
    • For a complete list of the Outfit Morphs?CLICK HERE
  • Sheer and Sexy Hair
    • Fits for V3 and S3
    • CR2 and OBJ for V3
    • Morphs
      • FIT_S3
      • Hair_Length
      • Bangs_Length
      • Windy
      • Bangs_Wind
      • Bangs_Wind_Left
      • Bangs_Wind_Right
      • Windy_Left
      • Windy_Right
    • 8 Texture options
  • Sheer and Sexy Shoes
    • Fitted versions for Victoria 3, Stephanie 3 Petite, and Aiko 3
    • Seam detailing in mesh, plus stitching detail in the bump maps.
    • Support for the “petite” foot morph
    • “Sandal Foot” leg morphs that inject into the figure, so that the feet will match the sandals.
    • Included Textures, each with a unique stone texture and bump maps:
      • Red and Black Patent
      • Black, White and Red Fabric
      • White Leather, Gold Metallic Leather and Silver MetallicLeather
      • Teal-Green Gator, Chocolate Gator
      • White or Black Pearl stones, can be used with any of the above
    • Material Poses Included for easy application
    • Injectors and Removers for exclusive “Sandal Foot” leg morphs, plus manualy applied versions for Aiko 3 L.E.

So Trendy Hairstyle
Ricardi Hairstyle

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