She Orkz: Mortus the Black – Clothing and Props

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Mortus knew her place, or at least what was expected of her. She thrust her hands high in the air and began the chants, screams and invocations that would whip the ork and goblin mass into a fighting frenzy. A large bull-ork beside her beat down on a huge war drum mounted to the wagon with two huge bone mallets, the ryhthmic noise bringing the march of the orkz into an organized formation. Marching along, on either side of the battlewagon, two groups of goblin skirmishers driven by a pair of roaring, whip wielding bull-orkz, broke away to move ahead where they could join in the assault.

+ 10 pieces of clothing
+ Smart Prop Dagger that loads in 3 positions (left hand, right hand and sheathed)
+ Modelled and Textured in ZBrush
Product Includes:
Conforming Clothing – Cape, Chest Chains, Foot Gear, Gloves, Harness, Hood, Leg Clothes, Shoulder Armour, Shoulder Spike, Waist Cloth
Dagger (Left, Right & Sheathed) smart props
Utility Poses (Knife Grip & Release; Hands Hide & UnHide)
Default Material files for Poser 6 & up
DS3 default MAT poses

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Orkz: ShockTroopz
She Orkz: Mortus Skin & Hair


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