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Ever wanted to launch a character or object though a window or mirror in DAZ Studio without the need for post work? Well now you can.

Shattered is an extensive Prop set of DAZ Studio focused on broken glass. There is no opacity or displacement map trickery here, instead every crack, hole and fragment is presented in actual 3D Geometry.

The set consists of nine Panes of glass, with different dimensions and shatter break up effects based on different glass types, to compliment these there are also five ‘flying’ glass debris collections and five ‘ground’ glass debris collections (Making 19 Props in total).

Each prop contains many morphs, the panes each have 2-3 basic shatter morphs and 20-30 Morphs to create an assortment of ‘holes’; some of these combinations are already set up as shaping presets. The debris collection props can be used for more customized shatter effects, they also have several morphs each to r-arrange the formation of the glass fragments.

There are six Glass materials, including tinted glass and mirror glass.

Finally there is small selection of ‘dummy glass’ props. These are simple box panes that use the same material zones and shattered glass, they can be used to create any undamaged windows with matching materials.

Have a smashing time!


This product includes:

1 DSON Core Installer




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