Shark Attack! Pack 1

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The original DAZ Shark may have ruled the Poser seas for years, but now it’s time to make room for some newcomers! This pack features three additional varieties of shark to infest the seas

Oceanic WhiteTip Shark: one of the most feared predators of the open ocean – fast and unpredictable, it often shows up when there’s an accident at sea;

Blue Shark: almost as dangerous; slender and manoeuvreable, it is nonetheless a strikingly beautiful predator;

Whale Shark: the largest fish in the ocean today! Fortunately, this gentle giant feeds on the smallest creatures in the sea – plankton and small fish and invertebrates. Divers delight in swimming with this meek monster!

BONUS! The Remora or SharkSucker: commonly found hitching a ride on the larger sharks, attaching to its host’s body with a specialized dorsal fin acting as a suction device on its head!


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