Shape Shift for Genesis 8 Male(s)

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The Ultimate Morph Package is back! Ever wish you could change Genesis 8 Male’s shape to your liking? Now you can! Shape Shift is a set of custom morphs designed to give you, even more, freedom in morphing existing figure shapes, as well as giving you the ability to create and enhance your own. With a total of 146 morphs, you can combine them to get that look you want. Create realistic shapes or even stylized shapes with ease. The choice is yours!

This product is also a Merchant Resource. Please consult the Product ReadMe for license and usage agreements and product file locations.

What’s Included and Features
Shape Shift for Genesis 8 Male(s) Merchant Resource (.DUF)
Zero Presets:
Zero All
Zero Full Body
Zero Neck
Zero Abdomen & Torso
Zero Arms
Zero Belly
Zero Hip & Pelvis
Zero Waist
Zero Glutes
Zero Anatomical Elements
Zero Upper Legs
Zero Lower Legs
Full Body Morphs Dials:
Androgynous Shape
Average Proportions Adjust
Shape Width Adjust
Neck Morphs Dials:
Neck Depth
Neck Width
Traps Shape
Arm Morphs Dials:
Arm Flab
Arm Length
Arm Size
Arms Muscular
Wrist Thickness
Abdomen and Torso Morphs Dials:
Abdomen Height
Abdomen InOut
Abdomen Length
Abdomen Size
Abdomen UpDown
Abdomen Width
Back Depth
Back Rotate
Back Smooth
Back UpDown
RibCage Defintion
RibCage Strength
Shoulder Blades
Shoulder Height
Shoulder Width
Spine Bottom Expose
Spine Center Expose
Spine Full Expose
Spine Top Expose
Sternum Height 1
Sternum Height 2
Torso Depth
Torso Muscular
Torso Width
Waist Morphs Dials:
Waist Depth
Waist FrontBack
Waist Handles 1
Waist Handles 2
Waist Height
Waist Rotate
Waist Size
Waist Straightness
Belly Morphs Dials:
0 Belly Diameter
0 Belly Fold Horizontal
0 Belly Fold Horizontal Smaller
0 Belly Fold Vertical
0 Belly Height
0 Belly Size
1 Belly Upper Bulge
1 Belly Upper Sag
1 Belly Upper UpDown
1 Belly Upper Width
2 Belly Lower Bulge
2 Belly Lower Sag
2 Belly Lower UpDown
2 Belly Lower Width
3 Button Depth
3 Button Height
3 Button InOut
3 Button Size
3 Button UpDown
4 Belly Move InOut
4 Belly Move Rotate
4 Belly Move Side2Side
4 Belly Move UpDown
5 Belly Shape Define
5 Belly Shape Fat 1
5 Belly Shape Fat 2
5 Belly Shape Fat 3
5 Belly Shape Muscular
Hip and Pelvis Morphs Dials:
Hip Depth
Hip Diameter
Hip Height
Hip Rotate 1
Hip Rotate 2
Hip Shape 1
Hip Shape 2
Hip Shape 3
Hip Shape 4
Hip Size 1
Hip Size 2
Hip UpDown
Hip Width 1
Hip Width 2
Hip Width 3
Pelvic Depth
Pelvic Height 1
Pelvic Height 2
Pelvic Length
Anatomical Element Morphs Dials:
Anatomical Bulge 1
Anatomical Bulge 2
Anatomical Element Height 1
Anatomical Element Size
Anatomical Element Width 1
Anatomical Element Width 1
Perineum Depth Adjust
Glute Morphs Dials:
Glute Angle
Glute Depth
Glute Height Inner
Glute Height Lower
Glute Height Upper
Glute Inner Close
Glute Length
Glute Line sharpness
Glute Size 1
Glute Size 2
Glute Tension
Glute UpDown
Glute Width
Glute Width Lower
Glute Width Upper
Legs Upper Morphs Dials:
Thigh Apart
Thigh Back
Thigh Front
Thigh Inflate
Thigh Inner 1
Thigh Inner 2
Thigh Length
Thigh Muscular
Thigh Outer
Thigh Rotate
Thigh Straight Shape
Thigh Thickness Depth
Thigh Thickness Width
Legs Lower Morphs Dials:
Ankle Thickness
Calf Flexed
Calf Type 1
Calf Type 2
Calf Type 3
Calf Type 4
Calf Type 5
Knee Detail Front
Knee Detail Rear
Knee Inner
Knee Outer
Knee Smooth
Shin Bone
Shin Front
Shin Length
Shin Muscular
Shin Thickness
Feet Morphs Dials:
Feet Width

This product includes:
1 DSON Core Installer


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