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Children grow so rapidly. Give your Kids4 figure that flexibility. Take your kids 4 character from weeks old to teenagers with a simple pose setting.

This set contains height scaling poses for the Kids4 in a range from 18 inches to 6 foot. Included are Clothing Fit poses for Poser users.

One completely new morph is included in this set to give your young ladies a more feminine teenage shape. Clothing fit magnets in the props folder make it simple to fit kids 4 clothes to the new morph.

Since the Toddler morph with scaling does not work very well in older versions of Poser a simple solution has been provided. Two pose files have been created that will turn on and off the toddler morph at the body part level. You can then change the scaling as you like.

Two tutorials have been included to help with magnet use and fitting clothing to scaled figures in Poser.

– Shape of a Child K4 Scaling & Clothing Fits
1 Foot 06
2 Foot 00
2 Foot 06
3 Foot 00
3 Foot 05 Default
3 Foot 06
3 Foot 08
3 Foot 10
4 Foot 00
4 Foot 02
4 Foot 04
4 Foot 06
4 Foot 08
4 Foot 10
5 Foot 00
5 Foot 06
6 Foot 00
– Shape of a Child INJ/REM
Teen Girl INJ
Teen Girl REM
– Shape of a Child Utility Options
Show All Body Parts
Show Scale Dials
Toddler Morph OFF
Toddler Morph ON
– Shape of a Child Magnets
For Fitting Clothing to Teen Girl Shape

Required:?Kids 4 Toddler


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