Shades of Atlantis Ankida Shaman

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A nightmare disturbed Nafsu?s millenarian sleep…
Ancient prophecies told about the return of Mother Turtle, the Mother Earth, the ancient creature that millenia before he fall was called Gea by the Greeks, and adored by all the ancient tribes.
Nafsu knew well about that prophecies, he was the one who wrote them, he was the the Traitor who opened the Door of Entropy that devoured the Goddess and her favored land: Atlantis.
Atlantis… the place that inspired so much tales and legends in the collective mind of that lesser beings called ‘humans’, the descendants of one of the proud races of Mother Turtle, the ones weak enough to fall at the feet of Nafsu?s Master…
Ankida Nafsu knew that the prophecies was right, he never was a blind sycophant, his treat against the Goddess that gave him into Her Creation wasn?t perfect, and now, 7000 years had passed, and the Cosmos decided to open the Door of Entropy again. The Goddess will return, the Goddess will devour Her traitor son, and all the lesser beings who served him and his Master.
A time of hope will come for that weak and lesser creatures and doom for the traitors. Atlantis will raise in this Night World, and nothing will be the same…

This product requires:?Night World Lycanthropos

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