SF CORRIDORS Construction Kit

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Construction Kit SF Corridors brings a revolution to Your Poser 5 or 6. Assemble detailed and realistic Science Fiction environments for Your scenes and animations in only few minutes!

Use four basic corridor elements to create base structure as You wish (pipemania anyone?). Add various accessories and render away. Every prop comes with high resolution texture and bump map. Beside four corridor segments You’ll get following props: Airlock Frame – You can use it in corridors connection with or without door Airlock Door – left and right.

Slide them for open/close effect Ceiling Base – use it for decoration or as a base for: Chain Gun – defensive turet mounted on ceiling Security Camera – same intention as chain gun Pressure Station – decorative prop Service Conduits – decorative prop Cargo Crate – decorative prop Panels – 4 different devices that can be mounted on walls as decorative prop Ceiling Lights – 2 decorative props with On and Off textures Although geometry doesn’t have too much polygons (faster manipulation and assembly), textures and bump maps are highly detailed for stunning renders (see images). Walls and ceilings are one-sided objects, transparent from outside, allowing You to set Your scene more easily.

SF Briefing Room


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    February 24, 2013

    Thanks much, Desert Rat. I know its been here awhile, but still a goodie! 🙂

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