Sexy Bodyguards Vol 1

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Isn’t it about time that your Michael 4 based characters were able to walk the streets of their virtual cities without being hounded by obsessed fans, the paparazzi, or overzealous assassins? Now Your M4 characters can be shadowed by beautiful ‘Close Protection Agents’ better known as ‘Sexy Bodyguards’. They risk life and limb to protect their clients using all the tools they have at their disposal.
When your M4 characters are ready for complete peace of mind and air tight security, give the agency a call.
This set was not designed to merely work with a specific gun prop, it is compatible with any parented gun props created for Victoria 4. Simply load your gun prop in Victoria’s right hand, apply the hand pose that came with it and begin protecting all of your M4 characters.


Yin and Yang
The Marquis


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