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with optional cloth in the braids, and also includes a digitally sculpted crown with many options. Timeless, customizable, and easy to use, perfect for fantasy, fairies, warriors, sorceress, nymphs, goddess, queens, princess… A must have!

The braid cloth is optional: can use it or or not, just by applying a material, and you have 8 colors to choose if you do. The crown is independent and can be used with the hair or not.

Sersee Crown comes in two versions. One auto adapts to any Genesis 2 Female(s) and characters, and the other is a free prop that you can place elsewhere (over a table or to simulate a coronation ceremony for example).

The crown has partial materials for the crown, the leaves, the metallic frills, and the jewels. It also has 5 partial hide options that can be mixed to get the crown without any ornament, or hide the small or the big leaves, the upper or lower ornament, or any combination of these.

The 116 morphs added (adjustment, volume, shoulders, movement, all back on one or both sides, wind, mess, all back with braids to the front…) give you freedom and ease of use. You can adapt the hair to almost any pose. Choose between 6 morphs for all back: 2 with all back with normal volume, 2 with extra volume to sides, and 2 with only strands to back and braids on the front. These all back morphs are combinable because they work on the left or right independently. You can set all back on the left, and on the right only the strands with braid over the chest, for example. Mess, Wind, Windy, Widen and Volume morphs allow you to make it messy and fly in all directions

The hair includes 20 mats (14 natural colors, and 6 fantasy colors) for the hair. You have 8 cloth colors for the braid cloth: black, blue, brown, gold, green, pink, red, and silver.

Genesis 2 Female and her derived females are supported: Lilith 6, Aiko 6, Gia 6, The Girl 6, Olympia 6, Stephanie 6, Teen Josie 6, Victoria 4 Shape for Genesis 2 Female(s), Victoria 6, Giselle 6.

In addition, we have adjusted the rigging features as much as possible, so it will also work great with custom head morph shapes. If you need some more adjustment, you have morphs for that too.


Platinum Club Mega Pack

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