Serpent Goddess

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Cruise the Nile in style – for no daughter of Egypt would be caught dead in dregs.

Serpent Goddess is an Egyptian styled outfit, inspired by the Goddess, Wadjet. But this is no mere Egyptian dress. Emblazoned upon it are several cobras, entwined and ready to spit fire at your enemies! It also features typical elements you would find on Ancient Egyptian costumes – from Solar disks representing Ra, to the Eye of Horus, as well as inlaid faience and precious stones.

The outfit also boasts versatility – you can turn off certain parts, and change it completely – from a bodice, to a bra, to a strapless top. The skirt parts can also be turned off, to leave only certain ones or the panty.

Also included is a staff, with a cobra rearing up and protecting the live disk of Ra, as well as poses that are made to go with the staff. Extra textures for the dress are also included, so you can change the colors to fit your scene.

Whether you’re making a cobra goddess or a divine queen, this set is sure to be the perfect fit for your Egyptian renders.


P3D Milana
Scorpion God


  1. Profile photo of Vin Valoopa

    Vin Valoopa

    June 29, 2013

    Is anyone else having trouble unarchiving the contained in the rar file? I’ve downloaded it several times and tried several unarchive apps. Also having trouble with the zips on Scorpion God and Guardians of the Dead for Scorpion God. Strangely, the only file of these I was able to expand was Guardians of the Dead for Serpent Goddess.

  2. Profile photo of Steve


    June 29, 2013

    Had problem with one zip program, but uses “The Unarchiver” and it seems to be working fine… Thanks for the share.

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