Secret Romance 3 – Love Triangle Poses for V7 and V4

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Xameva proudly presents ‘Secret Romance Part 3’: A lesbian love triangle pose collection for V7 (Genesis 3) and V4. This set of poses has a huge variety including several playful “jealousy” type poses. Each pose has been carefully crafted to look incredibly natural and emotional, with a big emphasis on bringing all three characters closely together. Create a secret romance between your favorite characters!

This product includes two different versions, V7 and V4. Not V7 and V4 mixed together (but you can try mixing them if you want, with some adjustments). The poses were created separately for both.

The V7 poses can be used on other Genesis 3 Female(s) with some adjustments.

– 10 sets of trio poses for V7, 30 poses total.
– 10 sets of trio poses for V4, 30 poses total.
– 1 Zero V7 pose (It won’t change your character morphs)
– 1 Zero V4 pose (It won’t change your character morphs)


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