Seaworld Corridor-Room Construction Set

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“Somewhere hidden in the deep blue abyss….”
This is the planet of R-Kealo. Long time ago, this was
a human outpost. Now it is an abandoned place… Probably
the place for your story to begin. Welcome to Seaworld!

This is a versatile construction set of an undersea world. But however, it doesnt need to be undersea. Could be an older starship? Or a pipe city? Or anything you can imagine it to be.
This set comes as a construction set to allow you to build any sort of room, corridor or larger hall you need for your storys, pictures, games, etc. Its build in a way for easy assembly. No hassle when you want to change a wall to be a window wall, or a hatch, etc. Simply load the easy pose and the wall will change.
Lightsets, Helper System and easy pose sets included.
Manual included.


Raw Oagre
Devious Boots


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