Seashore House

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UPDATED to DIM file to work with DAZ Installer Manager program

Seashore house is a Victorian period cottage. This detailed model replicates a 4-bedroom vacation home from the late nineteenth century. Though the model is called Seashore House, it could be located anywhere, from lakeside to urban areas. It’s large wrap-around porch with gingerbread was typical of residential construction in the 1890’s. Gingerbread was a key element in the Victorian and Queen Anne architectural styles. One reason for this was that gingerbread changed the appearance of the house throughout the day with what was called a ‘Stick Dance’. The ‘Stick Dance’ is the play of light and shadow through the gingerbread in relation to the sun’s movement that gives the appearance of ‘dancing’. This model as well offers excellent opportunities to explore hundreds of unique rendered images entirely based on lighting. This model was created for Poser and DAZ Studio uses, however can easily be exported to Bryce, Carrara, Vue and other programs that can import .obj format. The majority of the exterior has mapped for use with procedural colors so that its colors are easily changed for almost infinite variations. The interior is fully functioning and textured.


Luminance HDRIs for DAZ Studio


  1. tigger_fan2

    October 14, 2013

    I want to live here. Thanks, Blazer!

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