SciFi Room/Corridor Construction Set

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… just 3000 years ago, mankind abandonded earth ….
… a long time past by since the ark arrived at K-Azonica. This is a new world, a new life, a new chance….

3-D-C will begin a new series of SciFi Products. Different than the 2260 Series, this will be modern, new,
well, simply another style. Inspired through various things, we began to write the story of K-Azonica. A?world beyong our present, somewhere in the future, after we had to leave earth and seek out new space and planets to life, the ark arrived after an endless journey. It took long to settle down and build our society, keep up the technology and develop ourselves. Here we are, in the year 319.

We present you the first set of K-Azonica, the bases needed for all ships or stations:
The Room and Corridor construction Set

This set is build alongside four main parts:
The Straight part, a straight corridor piece
The T-Part, A T-style part, one connection end, one wall end
The X – Part, with four open ends
The Curve

Various walls can be attached to them all so you can adopt and build hundreds of combinations.
We will also develop more add ons as time passes by.


Queen of the Damned V4


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