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Inspired through various things, we began to write the story of K-Azonica. A
world beyond our present, somewhere in the future, after we had to leave earth and seek out new
space and planets to life, the ark arrived after an endless journey. It took long to settle down and build
our society, keep up the technology and develop ourselves. Here we are, in the year 319.

Included in the package are
– The Metro itself (with boned parts: the side, the front and back and doors 1 to 3) you can disable the different parts to allow
long focal shots

– Left Wall (with Door-Morph and Panel Morph)
– Right Wall (with Door-Morph and Panel Morph)
– Back Wall (with Door-Morphs and Panel Morphs)
– Ceiling
– Main Floor
– Middle Floor
– Front Part
– Tube
– Advertising Screens
– Wall Screen ( with injected morph to alter the display and mount it to the wall)
– Seats for the middle floor
– A carry case for M4
– A newspaper (held in hand)
– A wrapped newspaper (in hand)

– All Ambient Lights
– Front Part Spots
– Ceiling Spots
– Side Wall Right Lights
– Side Wall Left Lights
– Back Wall Lights
– Lights for the Inner Metro
– Daylight

– 25 Poses for M4 and V4 all specific to this set
– 4 poses to open and close the doors of the Metro
– We recommend to download out free pose sets from out website as they work perfect for this set
– Background Mat for a blurred background

– 11 Cameras (for a Dolly Cam)


The Clock Collection
Screaming Stones

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