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Modern militaries have multiple versions of special forces – space based, paramilitary, and more. Old-fashioned paratroopers are outclassed by jump pack troops, and cavalry just wouldn’t cut it against powerarmor infantry. And for every special purpose troop, there’s a weapon to compliment them. Security forces tend to be assigned the Security Ion Rifle – capable of stunning even a Denurian at over a hundred meters with pinpoint accuracy. For MP’s, or ship to ship boarding actions, the Electrolaser allows either stunning or lethal firepower with absolutely no risk of penetrating the hull. Anti-armor troops will often be assigned the Gauss Assault Rifle, whose rounds travel at hypersonic speed and can penetrate even a Class V Body Tank. And finally, the heavy infantry is often assigned the Particle Rifle. Its primary energy output is several dozen kilojoules of energy, while the underbarrel grenade launcher gives it extreme tactical versatility. So remember – let Valandarms Industries supply your next interplanetary assault

Technology can be a wonderful thing, even if it’s simply providing the right weapon for the job. Need a lot of firepower over a short period of time? This nice, high-caliber machine pistol has your number! Want to be able to stun your opponant, and not just obliterate him? The electrolaser can be set to a ‘taser’ setting! Need something that can maneuver in a very tight setting, but packs a heckuva punch? The bullpup pistol is just what you need! And finally, want the latest, state of the art high powered directed energy weapon? Nothing fits that bill better than the beam pistol! Ahh, technology. It’s an armorer’s dream.


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