SCHOOL Theater Lobby

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A pack of all that you need in order to give amazing renders to your figures! No need to wary for ‘plastic look’ or washed out shadows.
All the props are there, most of them can fly around, all the lights are at the correct position and give realistic shadows.
They are organized in groups with the correct order so that you can quickly show and hide props to render from deferent angles.

For best results on shadows, use Raytrace rendering.

  • Python script to show-hide walls for easy rendering from deferent angles.
  • Python script to change scene lightning with two modes (exterior-interior,day-night). Many options to play with.
  • Python script to set clock time.
  • Python script to change traffic lights.
  • Python script to select stage to work.
  • Python script to merge with other school scenes.


SCHOOL 2floor Parking
SCHOOL Theater


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    January 19, 2013

    I love the Greenpots School Series!
    Thanks a lot!

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