ScaerieTales of Zadacchiel: Hunter and Prey

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ScaerieTales of Zadacchiel are no tales to tell your children at their bedside in the evening. These are not tales of pretty princesses and courageous princes, ancient kings and the good being victorious in the end. There is no happily ever after…
ScaerieTales of Zadacchiel tell stories of demons and succubi and nightmares. Invoke those nightmares with these 2 pair poses for M4/V4 and 2 pair poses for V4/V4 and 4 carfefully crafted expressions for M4 and V4 each!
carefully crafted poses for V4 preying on innocent M4 or V4 and expressions full of fear or fury!

SY Waters for Daz Studio
Poser Ocean


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    Honey Badger

    October 27, 2012

    These look awesome. Thanks for the download, Blazer.

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