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Complete Art Pack for Mike 4,
30 Artistic, Sexy and Masculine Poses,
More than 30 Camera presets, Morphing Sheet, Daybed,
Pillow & Cigar, Pose Morphs For all!

!!!Please note:
1.The Prop Materials will need adjustment to work in DS.
This Pack made for Poser Use.
2.Please Read the usage instructions in the Pose thumbs.
3.The sheet morphs made for M4 default body, they work well
with the most muscular morphs as you can see in the promos, but
you will have poke through with heavy and Big muscular morphs especially with heavy legs!
4.The Mouth Cigar poses made for default M4 Face, you may need to adjust the cigar, with different mouth position morphs!

Package Includes:

In the pose Folder:
30 Poses for M4
More than 30 Morph poses for the sheet.
Morph poses for the Daybed and Pillow and Cigar

10 material presets for the Daybed,
12 for the pillow,
11 for the Sheet,
2 for the cigar prop
all come in pz2 and Mc6 formats.

Please see Editorial for the material options!

In the Character folder:
1 Morphing sheet
1 Morphing Daybed and Morphing Pillow.

In the Prop folder:
Cigar prop, with Rhand, Lhand and Mouth parented options.

In the Camera folder:
More than 30 camera presets.

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